Friday, November 2, 2012

Antique American Ideal Teddy Bear at Miss. Museum of Natural Science

I'm very proud that one of my antique bears, Ernie, has gone to the Miss. Museum of Natural Science for a permanent exhibit. The exhibit will be telling the story of Teddy Roosevelt refusing to kill the bear cub, hence the beginning of the teddy bear. Of course, all happening there in Mississippi. Ernie is an excellent choice, as he's an early American Ideal teddy, dating to around 1906-1907. The exhibit will not be open for several months, but the museum  has promised to send pictures when it's finished, which I'll post later.


  1. Hi Lynn! That's fantastic: congratulations! One of my board games (a 1920s automobile race) went to a transportation museum and that was very exciting. It's great to know the toys have found such wonderful, permanent homes.

  2. Thanks Tracy, it is exciting. Wish I could visit the exhibit in person, maybe I will get there someday. I looked up your auto race game on your blog, I figured it was there. Wow, it was in great condition and very cool.