Sunday, May 15, 2011


The antique teddy bears have two new friends. After losing our best buddy of 19 years, Calvin the cat, we recently rescued two new kitties. I know, they don't look like kitties, but Ollie and Otto are 10 month old brothers and best buds. Watching their crazy antics, tearing all around the house and getting into everything, I was a bit worried about the teddy bears. As it turns out, the kitties are so gentle with the bears. Of course, there's an occasional mishap of knocking one off his rocking horse, but luckily they don't view them as their toys. Instead, they like to cuddle up with them. My house has bears everywhere, not in glass cases where I know they should be. But this is my bear family...that's just the way I roll. Guess the kitties know that (they're so smart!).