Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Antique Bing Teddy Bears and Toys

I have to share some more teddy bears from the Chelsea Teddy Bear Museum. Ken Yenke, museum curator, is a big fan of Bing bears and toys, so many are featured in the museum. I too have a special fondness for Bing bears. The first one here is an early bell toy featuring a bear pulling the wheeled bells. This early Bing toy is from 1900. Also in this picture is the Roosevelt Stock Farm, a wood barn with great lithographs. The second one is hard to tell the size, but it's the largest bear that Bing ever made, at a whopping 34". This one dates to 1919. Also pictured is an 1880 German bear and baby. The third picture is Bing's windup jalopy bear from 1908. I just love these little guys. Also pictured is Schuco's Trippel Trappel dog, circa 1914. Bing also made one of these Trippel Trappel dogs which rolls along on little wheels on its feet.

Chelsea Teddy Bear & Toy Museum

I finally visited the Chelsea Teddy Bear & Toy Museum in Chelsea, Michigan. The museum curator, Ken Yenke, is a noted antique teddy bear authority, and shares his wonderful antique teddy bear collection in this excellent museum. I can't even pick my favorites, but I have to share a few here. I have a special love for the circus, and clown bears, so this first one just cracked me up. This is a Strunz clown bear from 1908. Love his chubby body. Next is a real oldie, German made from 1880, this Mom and baby bear are made of paper mache and worsted wool. Love these 1800's bears, reminds me of an old German nodder I have with the same worsted wool. In 1907 Columbia made their laughing Roosevelt bear. Certainly none other like it, smiling with glass teeth. Cute touch here with a pipe added. Can't wait to visit the museum again. I'm sure they'll have a nice Christmas display soon.