Monday, July 25, 2011


Ohhh, those bad kitties. They just can't leave my antiques alone. They cuddle with the bears and play with the toys, thankfully, they're very gentle. Recently I was getting ready to attend an antique show, taking the antiques off the shelves, deciding what to take. The doll fainting couch never made it to the show and quite frankly, I don't think it ever will. I thought it would be a novelty for them and they'd never look at it after the first day. Never think you know your cat. Both kitties have totally taken over the couch, using it every day. I couldn't think of selling it now (unless they give it up). You must fits them perfect. They also love the raggedys, and the rocking horse, and the checkerboard, and... pretty much anything they shouldn't be in to.

Monday, June 20, 2011


While down in Florida this past winter, I came across this wonderful antique child's checkerboard table and chairs. I just knew the teddy bears would love it. I even found some old wood checkers for them. Made in Germany, I'm thinking early 20th century. All wood, and the chairs are covered in velvet. Too cute!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The antique teddy bears have two new friends. After losing our best buddy of 19 years, Calvin the cat, we recently rescued two new kitties. I know, they don't look like kitties, but Ollie and Otto are 10 month old brothers and best buds. Watching their crazy antics, tearing all around the house and getting into everything, I was a bit worried about the teddy bears. As it turns out, the kitties are so gentle with the bears. Of course, there's an occasional mishap of knocking one off his rocking horse, but luckily they don't view them as their toys. Instead, they like to cuddle up with them. My house has bears everywhere, not in glass cases where I know they should be. But this is my bear family...that's just the way I roll. Guess the kitties know that (they're so smart!).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My collecting habits are ever changing and after I acquire a new item, it seems like it starts a new collection. So be it with the vintage sock monkeys. I see them in an all new light as I realize that the vintage ones are all different. Being homemade by mothers, every one is different and so charming in their own right. Even though they're made of basically the same sock, they all have different expressions... fat, skinny, long tail, short tail, hats, clothes... on and on. The little green girl is a little different, made of men's dress socks and dressed in a vintage dress. The bears like to snuggle in with them as well as the cats. I'm sure there will be more to come.


I always have a hard time buying in Florida, but I always find a few fun things. At Mt. Dora, selling was good, buying was challenging, but persistence found me a couple of great things. My favorite was an antique shoofly rocking horse, early one. I love these rockers and I do already have a few, but this one I particularly liked due to its smaller size. It also has wonderful stenciling and remains of red paint. I guess I just can't resist these wonderful little rockers, and the bears just love it. This same dealer had some wonderful primitives and I also purchased (among other things) an early abacus. I've never seen one quite like this...I'm wondering if it's a homemade one. This will look great on the bears old school desk along with their bear books.

Monday, February 7, 2011


After the holidays it's time to leave the Michigan cold and snow behind and head down to sunny Florida. Life just seems simpler and carefree on the beach. The bears are wondering who will be chosen to accompany me to the beach. Last years chosen, Beach Bum Murphy, has traveled to a new beach in Hawaii, I know he's a happy camper in his new home. The bears have already attended Florida antique shows in Mt. Dora and Arcadia. A couple of bears found new homes, and primitives were hot, but picking wasn't as good and I came home with some nice early lighting, but no early teddy bears. They're so hard to find in Florida (or anywhere). I did find tiny Teddy B and Teddy G, those lovable Roosevelt Bears, complete with their own travel trunk. Not old, but just too cute. I can never resist a Roosevelt Bear! More Florida adventures to come.